- Website Design -

The importance of a website extends to every aspect of your digital presence - as the backbone of your online portfolio, everything that you put online will drive the consumer back to your website!

As such, it’s important that your website gives both new and old customers a clear idea of what your brand is about, what types of products or services you offer and where you offer them!


At Buzzard Computers we believe in laying all our cards on the table, so are always up-front with our costs - and there are no hidden fee's.

Whether you need a new Website, Domain, E-mail or Hosting Solutions, we can provide you with the Full House - so don't gamble on anyone else!

So, how much does a website cost...?

The simple answer is "how long is a piece of string?". However, we have found that 90% of companies want what we call a "Starter Site", which includes a fresh, bespoke website with a selection of standard pages promoting their business, including About Us, Our Services, and Contact Us pages

Our Starter Site packages start from only £400*, including consultations and Professional Stock Photos.

Depending on your requirements, additional features can be added - whether additional Service pages, Galleries displaying previous work, News Pages, Blogs or a full e-commerce platform.

Additional 'standard' features (inc. Gallery, News or additional Generic Pages) cost from £32* each

Our Starter Sites are compatible with mobiles, however, we would recommend adding the Mobile Optimisation Service (£64*) as not all features will work seamlessly on a mobile without optimisation

Website Care Plan £99 £59* PCM

Our essential Website Care Plan ensures the maintenance of your site is in safe hands - as applications, plug-ins and security requirements change its critical your website is maintained professionally, with support a phone call away


  • 20% OFF your initial Website Design & Build
  • 30 Minutes of Website 'Tweaking' per month
  • Off site Backup & Restoration of your Website
  • Application & Plug-in Management
  • Standard Plug-in Licencing
  • Priority Response & Support
  • 20% OFF Website Upgrades
  • 365 Day Guaranteed Compatibility*

Contact a member of staff today to discuss your website requirements

*Advertised costs for our Starter Site (and additional features) include an already applied 20% discount on the assumption customers are choosing to take out our recommended Website Care Plan. In the event the Website Care Plan is not purchased, a further 20% should be applied to the listed website design prices. Our Website Care Plan price is based on our Starter Site packages - additional website features may result in a bespoke Website Care Plan to ensure all features and plug-ins etc are maintained. We guarantee your website compatibility and functionality after all plug-in and application updates, and will rectify any compatibility issues in the event features break after system, plug-in or application updates


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- Exceeding Expectations -

At (Leighton) Buzzard Computers we understand that reputation is everything, so in addition to providing the highest standard of service across the industry with skilled technicians, we only use, supply and recommend the best products and manufacturers, based on over 20 years of experience!